Ashley Schmidt, Founder, Clinical Nutritionist

Ashley began suffering mild health problems in her mid-twenties. She went to Doctors, nothing was found to be wrong and symptoms kept getting worse. In her late 20's, she could barely drag herself out of bed each morning and function through the day. Burdened with fatigue and starting to struggle with weight, other symptoms kept popping up and still the Doctors couldn't find anything wrong.

Ashley decided she couldn't live the rest of her life under this unbearable fatigue and she would take charge of her health. Finishing her Clinical Nutrition Masters degree, she was able to apply Functional Medicine best practice to her own health issues. She tested for the functional imbalances and uncovered the root cause of her health problems! Knowing the root cause, the next step was to take her body through an individualized process so it could heal, naturally. Finally she felt GREAT again, got her life back!

Ashley's experience taught her many things. NO ONE needs to suffer from symptoms that take away the quality of your life! There is a lot of power in advanced lab testing and finding the root cause of symptoms. Every body is unique and should be treated as such.

Wisconsin Fatigue and Weight Clinic has helped many people around the country with fatigue, weight loss resistance, GI issues, auto-immune conditions, and hormone imbalance to reclaim their health, happiness, energy, and confidence! Finding the root cause and supporting folks' on their individual journeys to health and happiness is daily motivation to keep supporting people on their quest of a healthy, long life!

Our Mission

To find the root cause of problems so you can take specific action to help your individual body re-balance and regain health and vibrancy.

So you can take your life back and feel healthy, energized, and confident.

Who Are We?

You’re sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, no matter what you do or try. You’re done guessing with new diets and products. You want to get answers about why you feel the way you do. We’re here for you. Wisconsin Fatigue and Weight Clinic works with people like you, people who want to know the root cause of their problems and take control of their health back.

It all starts with asking the right questions. Really understanding you and what you’re going through so we can look at your body from a functional level, identifying the root of your dysfunction. Empowering us to utilize natural options so you can take control of your health.

We don’t want to manage your symptoms, we want to put the fire out at the source so you maintain your results for the long term. Feeling confident and great for a lifetime.

Is It Time To Take Your Life Back?

The quickest route to your happy & healthiest self starts with a complimentary consultation. You can become one of the many we've helped to reclaim their health & vibrant life.